Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cage Match

The chandelier made me so happy that I decided to go on a lighting spree in the living room, as well. I saw a pendant light made from a birdcage and immediately my little mason-jar-obsessed mind was all over it...

This replaced a tulip-shaped pendant that we never used. There’s no overhead light in our living room, as in none wired, so we’ve been relying on the dining room and foyer fixtures, in conjunction with a couple of lamps and this pendant. The tulip was milk glass, and though it was pretty it didn’t give us much light. By virtue of being clear and being open all around, this has helped, though now that I see it in the room I’m pretty sure I want to hang a matching one in the other corner.

The birdcage came from Michaels, and the jar was laying around somewhere. The cage was really a hurricane candle lantern, so now I also have a hurricane cylinder I can use on something else. almost looks like a mason jar...

PS:  See that grey color on the walls?  The one I mentioned that sucks every particle of light out of the room?  That's going away this weekend.  And the whites on the molding and the beadboard will match, too, that I just noticed are totally dissimilar in this photo. Whee!

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  1. Hello I came across your blog from a mason jar tutorial and I am trying to repurpose a wooden birdcage that belonged to my grandmother. If you have any pictures of this project I would love to see them. Thanks

    lauri anne