Thursday, May 26, 2011

The rapture really IS upon us...

...and these pictures prove it.

I'm sorry, whose living room is this again?  With no toys strewn about, with the dogs sleeping calmly on the couch?  With the rug vacuumed and all the walls and trim repainted?  It can't be mine.  Because if it's mine, then the armageddon has already begun.

Actually, D & C have been gone for a week visiting family, so I've been on a tear.  I replaced moldings, I added trim, I painted the entire living room, I caulked, I built two tables...

Wait, what?

Yep.  I built two tables.  Not the white ones in the middle--those are Target Room Essentials that are fake IKEA Lacks that you buy when it's too far to go to IKEA all the time even though you probably would if you lived anywhere near it.  No, the ones I built are these:

Easy as pie, really, thanks to the brilliant Ana White.  If you've never explored her site, you should stop reading this right away and go be amazed by what this talented lady has created.  Inspiring, seriously.  Then come back.

Okay, back?  Good. 

This side view shows you exactly what's going on here.  The table is basically shaped like a C.  You can see it has a center brace, but what you can't see is really the cool part:  it's on casters that are hidden by the bottom trim.  While the ability to roll is nice, what's truly sweet about these tables is the size.

They fit perfectly under the couch and over the couch armrest.  Whuuuuttt?!  You mean you could eat your dinner on that thing?  You mean when we're watching TV and checking our Facebooks at the same time, we can use that to hold the laptop?  Why yes, Eaton family, it's true: we can continue our bad habit of eating in the living room without having to haul out the TV trays!  We can stay constantly connected to our news feeds, even when the cell batteries are charging!  Huzzah!

I do like the modern design of the piece, and the function was obviously something that was perfect for our family, but I wanted to make them fit in with the cottage style of the living room and dining room.  So I primed them and foam brushed them with Cavalry from Pittsburgh, a super-dark blue.  A thin coat, then some edge sanding, and weathering is complete.  I love that the grain of the wood still shows through. 

I added a basket on the bottom of each to hold magazines and whatnot, and voila.  New end tables, for about $20 each.  Sweet!

And now if I get taken up to heaven, I'll have something else to talk to Jesus about:  carpentry!  (Sacrilege?  I'm not sure...)

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