Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Family Sign

Okay then! Now we're getting somewhere past the emotional blah blah blah, huh?

First project of last weekend: The Eaton sign. I love those signs that you see at the end of the long driveways that lead to someone's beach house. Sometimes they have clever little titles for their houses like the Dewdrop Inn or Simon's Folly or something, but I think I mostly prefer the plain, weathered ones. They make me think about all the memories that have been created for the families that live there.

These kinds of things are all over Etsy in shops like Signs of a Daydreamer and Signs by the Sea, but of course I didn't want to fork out $25+ for one. So I hit Michaels and came up with a reasonab--well, you know.

The wooden plaque cost me $2.49. It has 3 coats of different acrylic paints, the kind that come in the $0.50 bottles, and it's been sanded and weathered a bit. The lettering is done with a paint pen. I play around with fonts until I find something I like (gotta love dafont.com), and then I use old fashioned carbon paper to transfer it to the wood. (I know some people prefer to cut it out and stencil but that drives me as though I were n u t s.) Trace over and voila. To fill in, I used the pen in a scribbly sort of manner, and then sanded over it lightly to blend it and weather it to the same level as the rest of the sign.

So, total cost: $5.00. It's gonna live next to our front door, as soon as my husband and I can figure out the best way to fasten it to our shingle siding.

Also, I need a new camera.


  1. I love it! And I would never have thought about using carbon paper. Since stencils make me stabby I would never have considered making something like this. But now I can! Someday. When I have a house. ;-)

  2. love that I can blog stalk you now!!!