Friday, October 19, 2012

Heal up, little one.

Day 5: something you would change about the world.

Every kid should have a home, where they get enough to eat and they know someone loves them.  

Seems like girls in the world are having a little more trouble getting this than boys, in some places. The girl that got shot in Pakistan, the one that the Taliban targeted because she's a girl but she wants to go to school and she speaks out about it? Yeah, that's bullshit. You know what I think of the Taliban? I think they are cowards of the same flavor as wife-beaters and Rush Limbaugh. I think that anyone who thinks that shooting a fourteen year old girl to keep her from wanting to go to school is okay is a complete and total asshat. Douchenozzle. Ultramaroon. You're not scary because you're tough, idiots.  You're scary because you're so fucking stupid, and you have a gun.

So you shoot A FOURTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL in the face, but you can't even manage to get her dead.  Then you decide to just keep threatening her anyway. Good move.  I can see why they want her dead. She's only fourteen and she's already millennia ahead of them in brains. 

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